August 22, 2014

University Tuition Fees

University Tuition in Canada

source: Canadian Federation of Students

The above tuition fee chart shows what an undergraduate student can expect to pay in each province of Canada for 2011-2012. Ontario has the highest tuition fees for an undergrad student at $6,640 and Quebec has the lowest at $2,519 followed by Newfoundland, who rates have been frozen since 2003, have the lowest tuition fees where a students pays around the same amount.

University tuition in Canada rose again in 2011 according to Statistics Canada. An undergraduate student in Canada now pays an average tuition fee of $5,366 for the new 2011-12 school year, up 4.3% from last year.

The average tuition for graduate programs in Canada is $5,599, up 3.7% from 2010-2011. Ontario has the most expensive graduate programs with an average tuition fee of $7,578 and Newfoundland has the lowest tuition fee at $2,456.

Foreign undergraduate students averager tuition fee in Canada was $16,768 in 2010/2011, an increase of 5.2% over the previous year.
International full-time students in graduate programs now pay an average of $12,368 for 2011-2012 which is an increase of 5.9%

Average undergraduate tuition fees for Canadian full-time students by faculty for 2011-2012 (source: Statistics Canada)

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Agriculture, natural resources and conservation $5,023
Architecture and related technologies $5,424
Humanities $4,791
Business, management and public administration $5,711
Education $3,970
Engineering $6,326
Law $9,214
Medicine $11,345
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies $4,731
Physical and life sciences and technology $5,247
Mathematics, computer and information science $5,811
Social and behavioural science $4,759
Other health, parks, recreation and fitness $4,874
Dentistry $16,024
Nursing $4,809
Pharmacy $9,806
Veterinary medicine $5,889